When it comes to relationships, don’t you want to be SUCCESSFUL and be HEALTHY?


This presentation emphasized the importance of understanding how you areMUCH MORE than the physical parts. Anyone interested, should take time to get to know ALL PARTS of you with the goal to be Fully Known & Fully Loved. We covered 6 forms of intimacy: (PIESSF).


a. Physical - How do you physically interact with one another? 

b. Intellectual - How do you intellectually connect on favorite topics? Do you enjoy learning about the same things?

d. Social - How do you interact and connect with the people around you? Are you an introvert and your partner an extrovert? What does your partner engage in for fun? Are you activity oriented or sedentary? 


e. Spiritual - Do you and your partner share the same worldview? Do you and your partner share the same thoughts about a higher power? 

f. Financial - What’s important to you regarding money? Are you a saver? 

A spender? A giver? What do you want your partner to value regarding money?