Do you know the Steps of Intimacy and the ORDER they should go in? Or how to ‘read’ body language?

This presentation was quite interactive and provided you with a game plan and tools on HOW to build a successful and healthy relationship. The main points of the student activities are: 


  • Pay attention to and respect your date’s Body Language! 
  • Steps of Intimacy have a sequenced order! 
  • A healthy relationship has a strong foundation of 300 hours of TALKING.
  • Having a Game Plan for relationships/dating, will prove to be more successful!
  • Life is more balanced and in control when you’re focused on your future!


The order of Steps of Intimacy

  1. Eye to body
  2. Eye to ey
  3. Voice to voice
  4. Hand to hand
  5. Hand to shoulder
  6. Hand to waist
  7. Face to face
  8. Hand to face
  9. Kiss
  10. All other steps reserved for marriage!


The PURPOSE of building a strong foundation in a relationship is ...

STABILITY. SAFETY. PROTECTION.  It holds you up in a storm!