Did You Know?


● Based on statistics, one or two people in your classroom have probably been sexually assaulted?! 

● It’s absolutely a CO-ED problem! 

● Colleges say Sexual Assault is at EPIDEMIC levels! 


Experiencing a sexual assault can have life-long lasting effects and can be scarring to any relationship. We discussed that it involves much more than most students think, and most students think it’s ‘just rape.’ We discussed exactly what is defined as Sexual Assault, as well as having small group discussions on how to respond when feeling unsafe. 

Having a general “Game Plan” for dates that may go badly; for evenings out with friends; or working late, will give you confidence and an awareness of your surroundings, which greatly reduces the likelihood of an assault. 


Reliable websites for more info:

  • RAINN Hotline - 
  • NSVRC - National Sexual Violence Resource Center - 
  • No More -