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Pittsburgh Essential Speakers Empowers, Encourages & Educates students to desire, value and seek out healthy relationships!  Real Essentials  is the highly acclaimed curricula utilized in the classroom suited for middle and high school students.  This curricula is specifically designed to help young people navigate the mine fields of relationships, romantic attachments, choices, challenges, obstacles, and temptations they will face in adolescence.

It’s All About Relationships . . . and Leadership


Our certified speakers team presents in school districts throughout the Pittsburgh area. Last school year, over 3500 students were educated on the following presentations:    My Whole Self, Love vs. Infatuation, Refusal Skills, STD's / STI’s , The Distorted View, Preventing Sexual Assault, Benefits of Marriage, Effective Communication, Boundary Setting, How do You Feel Loved?, Relationship Red Flags & Breakup Skills, Personality Styles, Are You Enough?, The Media’s Influence / Internet & Texting. 

Brain Development and Decisions About Sex


 Long after the size of the brain is established, it continues to undergo major stages of development. One of the last regions of the brain to mature is the prefrontal cortex--home of the “executive” functions. Planning, setting priorities, organizing thoughts, suppressing impulses and weighing the consequences of one’s actions--these are the last skills to fully develop. In fact, the prefrontal cortex does not reach a level of genuine maturity until after high school... and college! 

Healthy and Safe and the Freedom to Thrive


Sex is a powerful, intimate act. If you try and separate the emotional from the physical,  you can end up feeling empty inside. One study found as many as three out of four females and more than half of all males who started having sex when they were teenagers wish they had waited. Sex will not guarantee a longer or closer relationship. Think honestly about your reasons for having sex and ask yourself if it’s worth it. Waiting offers rewards, not regrets. 

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